Our PhD Scientists and engineers draft technical papers and white papers with practical applications. We partner with clients in the U.S. and Canada to publish joint papers. Check our publications all practical field related case histories. In addition, our staff is available for educational presentations at your facility or via web instruction. We offer training in both Canada and US. The following are partial list of our publications.

Team Matergenics Recent Publications on Condition Assessment and Corrosion Engineering

Zamanzadeh et al. “ Corrosion Risk Assessment at Anchor Shafts of Telecommunication Towers.” Corrosion 2019, 24-28 March, Nashville, TN, NACE International, 2019. 

 Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz et al. “ AC Interference Corrosion, Corrosive Soil, Design Issues, Zinc Ribbon, and Corrosion Mitigation.” Corrosion 2019, 24-28 March, Nashville, TN, NACE International, 2019.

Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz and George T. Bayer. “ Coating Selection for Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Structures.” Corrosion 2019, 24-28 March, Nashville, TN, NACE International, 2019.

Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz et al. “ Condition Assessment, Corrosion Risk Assessment, FEA Analysis of Pack-out for Weathering Steel Transmission Structures.” Corrosion 2019, 24-28 March, Nashville, TN, NACE International, 2019.

Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz, George T. Bayer, and Anil Kumar Chikkam. “ Cathodic Protection, Coatings that Shield Cathodic Protection, Stress Corrosion Cracking, and Corrosion Assessment in Aging Coated Pipe Lines and Buried Utility Structures.” Corrosion 2018, 15-19 April, Phoenix, AZ, NACE International, 2018.

 Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz and George T. Bayer. “ Failure Analysis: Disbonded Coating and Cathodic Protection Shielding for Pipelines and Utility Poles.” Journal of Protective Coatings and  Linings, July 2017, 24-34.

Taheri, Peyman et al. “ Inspection and Mitigation of Underground Corrosion at Anchor Shafts of Telecommunication Towers.” Corrosion 2017, 26-30 March, New Orleans, LA, NACE   International, 2017.

Taheri, Peyman and Mehrooz Zamanzadeh. “ Galvanic Cathodic Protection for Power Transmission Tower Grillage Foundations.” Materials Performance, Vol. 55, No. 12 (December 2016), 2-6.

 Litvak, Anya. “As PA Pipelines Age, Role of Corrosion in Accidents Examined.” Pipeline & Gas Journal, Vol. 243, No. 10 October 2016, 30-32.

Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz and Huiping Xu. “Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings (FBE) and Disbondment.” Corrosion 2016, 7-10 March, Vancouver, BC, NACE International, 2016.

 Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz et al. “ Galvanized Steel Pole and Lattice Tower Corrosion Assessment and Corrosion Mitigation.” Corrosion 2016, 7-10 March, Vancouver, BC, NACE  International, 2016.

 Fagot, Scott, Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, and George Bayer. “ Don’t Bury Your Problems.” Transmission & Distribution World, February 2015, 36-40.

Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz and A. Gilpin-Jackson. “ Corrosion Risk Strategies for Below-Grade Foundations of Transmission and Distribution Structures – Part 1.” Materials Performance, Vol. 53, No. 3 (March 2014), 54-57.

 Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz et al. “Corrosion Sensors for Detecting Graphitization of Cast Iron in Water Mains.” Corrosion 2017, 11-15 March, Nashville, TN, NACE International, 2017.

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