New at Matergenics

We have created the “ZEE Probe”! A fully-functional corrosion detection tool for corrosion evaluation of magnetic alloys and live water mains !


We complete a comprehensive analysis on your failed coatings. This includes a desktop study, an onsite investigation, and extensive laboratory testing. We will determine cause of failure.

We use the EIS technique to evaluate materials and coatings in corrosive environments to establish the quality of corrosion preventative coatings. 

Extensive laboratory testing is conducted on coating samples gathered from the field to determine cause of failure. Laboratory testing can also reveal changes in coating proterties.


Matergenics’s Coatings and Analytical Chemistry Division can resolve coating failures through techniques such as: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR); scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy; light microscopy; electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS); chromatography; thermal analysis and wet bench testing. Matergenics performs a wide array of standard ASTM, SSPC and NACE test procedures.

Our Paints and Coatings services include:

Paint & Coating Testing & Analysis
Field Investigations
Technical Audit of Painting Process & Production Facilities
Paint Analysis, Chip Analysis and Evaluation 
Accelerated Testing
Failure Analysis Root Cause Determination
Physical and Chemical Paint Exposure Tests: ASTM D1308. ASTM D3359, ASTM D4541, ASTM D4060
Salt Spray (ASTM B117) Testing, Cyclic Tests (ASTM G 85), QUV (ASTM G53), Humidity (ASTM D2247), Prohesion (ASTM D5894)
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Analysis of Paints
Scanning Electron Microscopy & EDS Analysis of Paints
Visible Spectroscopy, Chromatography
Coatings and Cathodic Protection Studies
Physical Testing of Paints: Tensile and Flexural Testing ASTM D 638 & ASTM D790
Characterization and Cross Section Microscopy of paint samples collected from project site.

Client Testimonials

Our wonderful clients are the reason we are in business. We will do everything we can to make sure you are a satisfied client too!

The fabrication and maintenance of electric utility structures are key factors in maintaining system reliability on the electric grid. With society’s increasing dependency on constant and consistent energy a high level of system reliability is required. Southern California Edison (SCE) has worked with Dr. Zee and his team over the past 30+ years to help maintain a high level of structural reliability. SCE’s work with them has been in many different capacities to address issues in the past, present and future. 

In addressing issues in the past, they have assisted SCE in reviewing and resolving issues with its steel structures which are typical for an aging infrastructure. These include structure inspections, corrosion mitigation and coatings. 

For the present, they have provided support during the tower fabrication process to ensure that high quality, ductile steel is delivered. They have worked with tower fabricators to resolve welding issues and in developing a procedure to properly dull tower steel without introducing factors which would promote premature corrosion. 

For the future, Dr. Zee and Matergenics have reviewed and investigated the environmental conditions in the SCE territory and have developed a below ground corrosion risk assessment map. This map identifies areas of high, medium and low corrosion risk. This map is referenced prior to work being performed on a structure or line to provide an assessment as to any mitigations which need to be considered to ensure a long service life. 

SCE has also consulted with Matergenics to identify and install cathodic protection systems for structures which are most vulnerable in the high corrosion areas. Matergenics has always provided a high level of service. Their investigations are thorough, their reports are detailed and their scientifically based solutions provide the best alternatives in addressing any issues. SCE will continue to work with Matergenics to address any metallurgical or corrosion issues in the future.

Clinton Char

SCE Manager, Transmission Engineering, Structural Analysis

Matergenics is a new name in the world of materials science and corrosion engineering but it also has a famous owner Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadah or Dr. Zee. He has provided technical support and development to the aerospace industry for many years. My association with him has been through US Airways and American Airlines (the largest airline in the world). Approximately 18 years ago Dr. Zee’s team won the approval from various engine manufacturers to establish an engine chip and oil filter analysis program that reduced engine in flight shut downs (IFSD) to zero and is being used today on the entire fleet at the New American Airlines.

His team over the years has provided failure analysis tech support that saved US Airways millions of dollars in warranty claim against OEM aircraft manufacturers.

His team was called upon by both the FAA and NTSB to provide analysis were quick and accurate answers were needed to solve aircraft equipment failure issues.

Dr.Zee’s has been a major technical contributor to the US Airways/American Airlines carbon filters for the air quality program, evaluation of fuel filter clog due to microbial influence, and corrosion due to MIC influence.

And The Matergenics lab with all of its NACE approval and talented engineers and technicians has been the Corrosion Lab for The New American Airlines.”

Bernie Yankovitz

Principal Failure Analyst, American Airlines

Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadah or Dr. Zee as he is known to the pole industry has been for many years a valued consultant to Valmont Industries. His new company, Matergenics, continues Dr. Zee’s legacy to provide expert analysis and solutions to extending the life of the infrastructure through corrosion mitigations and failure analysis. 

I have had the honor or working with Dr. Zee professionally in committee work and in the pole business for many years and Valmont has benefitted greatly from our association. I look forward to continuing working with Dr. Zee and Matergenics.

Carl D. Kempkes

Project Manager, Valmont Industries, Inc.